Ezekiel 30:12

Overview - Ezekiel 30
The desolation of Egypt and her helpers.
20 The arm of Babylon shall be strengthened to break the arm of Egypt.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 30:12  (King James Version)
And I will make the rivers dry, and sell the land into the hand of the wicked: and I will make the land waste, and all that is therein, by the hand of strangers: I the LORD have spoken it.

I will make
29:3 Isaiah 19:4-10 ; 44:27 Jeremiah 50:38 ; 51:36 Nahum 1:4 ; Revelation 16:12

Hebrew drought. sell.
Judges 2:14 ; Isaiah 19:4

all that is therein
Hebrew the fullness thereof.
1 Corinthians 10:26

by the hand
28:10 31:12