Ezekiel 40:30

Overview - Ezekiel 40
The time, manner, and end of the vision of the city and temple.
The description of the east gate of the outer court;
20 of the north gate;
24 of the south gate;
27 of the south gate of the inner court;
32 of the east gate;
35 and of the north gate.
39 Eight tables.
44 The chambers.
48 The porch of the house.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezekiel 40:30  (King James Version)
And the arches round about were five and twenty cubits long, and five cubits broad.

the arches
These are supposed to have been built over the spaces which separated the little chambers, or porters' lodges.

five and
Ezekiel 40:21 Ezekiel 40:25 Ezekiel 40:29 Ezekiel 40:33 Ezekiel 40:36

five cubits
Instead of five cubits, it seems evident, from the parallel places, that we should read twenty-five: the word {srim} appears to have been lost out of the text.

Hebrew breadth.