Ezra 2:45

Overview - Ezra 2
The number that return of the people;
36 of the priests;
40 of the Levites;
43 of the Nethinims;
55 of Solomon's servants;
61 of the priests who could not shew their pedigree.
64 The whole number of them, with their substance.
68 Their oblations.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ezra 2:45  (King James Version)
The children of Lebanah, the children of Hagabah, the children of Akkub,

These variations merely arise from the mutation of, [H,] {hay,} into, ['Aleph,] according to the Chaldee dialect; the
original, being respectively [Lebnh ,]
Lebanah, [See definition 03838|>,] and Lebana; [Chagb ,] Hagabah, and
[Chagbh ,] Hagaba. Nehemiah 7:48

Lebana, Hagaba