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Hebrews 11:40

Overview - Hebrews 11
What faith is.
Without faith we cannot please God.
The worthy fruits thereof in the fathers of old time.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Hebrews 11:40  (King James Version)
God having provided some better thing for us, that they without us should not be made perfect.

or, foreseen. better.
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they without
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The apostle in the early part of the chapter having given us a general account of the grace of faith, proceeds to set before us some illustrious examples of it in Old Testament times. The leading instance and example of faith recorded, is that of righteous Abel: one of the first saints and the first martyr for religion--one who lived by faith and died for it, and therefore a fit pattern for the Hebrews to imitate. It is observable that the Holy Spirit has not thought fit to say any thing here of the faith of our first parents; and yet the church of God has generally, by a pious charity, taken it for granted that God gave them repentance and faith in the promised seed; that he instructed them in the mystery of sacrificing, that they instructed their children in it, and that they found mercy with God, after they had ruined themselves and all their posterity. But God has left the matter still under some doubt, as a warning to all who have great talents given to them, and a great trust reposed in them, that they do not prove unfaithful, since God would not enrol our first parents among the number of believers in this blessed calendar
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