Isaiah 36:22

Overview - Isaiah 36
Sennacherib invades Judah.
Rabshakeh, sent by Sennacherib, by blasphemous persuasions solicits the people to revolt.
22 His words are told to Hezekiah.
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Isaiah 36:22  (King James Version)
Then came Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah, that was over the household, and Shebna the scribe, and Joah, the son of Asaph, the recorder, to Hezekiah with their clothes rent, and told him the words of Rabshakeh.

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with their
33:7 Isaiah 37:1 Isaiah 37:2 2 Kings 5:7 ; Ezra 9:3 ; Matthew 26:65
The history of the invasion of Sennacherib, observes Bp. Lowth, and the miraculous destruction of his army, which makes the subject of so many of Isaiah's prophecies, is very properly inserted here, as affording the best light to many parts of these prophecies; and as almost necessary to introduce the prophecy in the 37th chapter, being the answer of God to Hezekiah's prayer, which could not be properly understood without it. Sennacherib succeeded his father Shalmaneser on the throne of Assyria, A
M. 3290, B.C. 714, and reigned only about eight years.