Job 27:16

Overview - Job 27
Job protests his sincerity.
The hypocrite is without hope.
11 The blessings which the wicked have are turned into curses.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Job 27:16  (King James Version)
Though he heap up silver as the dust, and prepare raiment as the clay;

heap up
22:24 1 Kings 10:27 ; Habakkuk 2:6 ; Zechariah 9:3

prepare raiment
D'Herbelot tells us, that Bokhten, an illustrious poet of Cufah, in the 9th century, had so many presents made him, that at his death he was found possessed of 100 suits of clothes, 200 shirts, and 500 turbans.
Matthew 6:19 ; James 5:2