Judges 18:12

Overview - Judges 18
The Danites send five men to seek out an inheritance.
At the house of Micah they consult with Jonathan, and are encouraged on their way.
They search Laish, and bring back news of good hope.
11 Six hundred men are sent to surprise it.
14 In their way they rob Micah of his priest and his consecrated things.
27 They win Laish, and call it Dan.
30 They set up idolatry, wherein Jonathan inherits the priesthood.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Judges 18:12  (King James Version)
And they went up, and pitched in Kirjathjearim, in Judah: wherefore they called that place Mahanehdan unto this day: behold, it is behind Kirjathjearim.

A city of Judah, on the confines of Benjamin; distant nine miles from lia or Jerusalem, in going towards Diospolis or Lydda, according to Eusebius.
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