Judges 18:7

Overview - Judges 18
The Danites send five men to seek out an inheritance.
At the house of Micah they consult with Jonathan, and are encouraged on their way.
They search Laish, and bring back news of good hope.
11 Six hundred men are sent to surprise it.
14 In their way they rob Micah of his priest and his consecrated things.
27 They win Laish, and call it Dan.
30 They set up idolatry, wherein Jonathan inherits the priesthood.
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Judges 18:7  (King James Version)
Then the five men departed, and came to Laish, and saw the people that were therein, how they dwelt careless, after the manner of the Zidonians, quiet and secure; and there was no magistrate in the land, that might put them to shame in any thing; and they were far from the Zidonians, and had no business with any man.

Joshua 19:47

called Leshem
how they.
Judges 18:27 Judges 18:28 ; Revelation 18:7

Hebrew possessor, or, heir of restraint.
1 Samuel 3:13 ; 1 Kings 1:6 ; Romans 13:3 ; 1 Peter 2:14

and had no
In the most correct copies of the LXX. this clause stands thus; [kai logos ouk en autois meta Syrias;] "and they had no transactions with Syria;" evidently reading instead of ['dm ] {adam,} man,
['Arm ]
{aram,} Syria; words so nearly similar that the only
difference between them is in the [Rysh,] {raish,} and [Dleth,] daleth, which in both MSS. and printed books is
sometimes indiscernible. Laish was situated on the frontiers of Syria.

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