Ruth 4:1

Overview - Ruth 4
Boaz calls into judgment the next kinsman.
He refuses the redemption according to the manner in Israel.
Boaz buys the inheritance.
11 He marries Ruth.
13 She bears Obed, the grandfather of David.
18 The generations of Pharez unto David.
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Ruth 4:1  (King James Version)
Then went Boaz up to the gate, and sat him down there: and, behold, the kinsman of whom Boaz spake came by; unto whom he said, Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here. And he turned aside, and sat down.

to the gate
Deuteronomy 16:18 ; 17:5 21:19 25:7 Job 29:7 ; 31:21 Amos 5:10-12 Amos 5:15

the kinsman

Ho, such
Isaiah 55:1 ; Zechariah 2:6