2 Samuel 16:14

14 Finally, the king and all the people with him arrived[a] exhausted, so they rested there.

2 Samuel 16:14 Meaning and Commentary

2 Samuel 16:14

And the king, and all the people that [were] with him, came
With their journey, and through grief and trouble at what they met with:

and refreshed themselves there:
that is, at Bahurim, with food and rest; which revived their spirits, and put as it were new life and soul into them, as the word used signifies. Josephus F25 says, when David came to Jordan, he refreshed his weary men.


F25 Antiqu. l. 7. c. 9. sect. 4.

2 Samuel 16:14 In-Context

12 Perhaps the Lord will see my affliction and restore goodness to me instead of Shimei's curses today."
13 So David and his men proceeded along the road as Shimei was going along the ridge of the hill opposite him. As Shimei went, he cursed [David], and threw stones and dirt at him.
14 Finally, the king and all the people with him arrived exhausted, so they rested there.
15 Now Absalom and all the Israelites came to Jerusalem. Ahithophel was also with him.
16 When David's friend Hushai the Archite came to Absalom, Hushai said to Absalom, "Long live the king! Long live the king!"

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