Job 13:8

8 Would you show partiality to Him[a] or argue the case in His defense?

Job 13:8 Meaning and Commentary

Job 13:8

Will ye accept his person?
&c.] Accepting persons ought not to be done in judgment by earthly judges; which is done when they give a cause to one through favour and affection to his person, because rich, or their friend, and against another, because otherwise; and something like this Job intimates his friends did in the present case; they only considered what God was, holy, just, wise, and good in all he did, and so far they were right, and too much respect cannot be given him; but the fault was, that they only attended to this, and did not look into the cause of Job itself, but wholly neglected it, and gave it against him, he being poor, abject, and miserable, on the above consideration of the perfections of God; which looked like what is called among men acceptation, or respect of persons:

will ye contend for God?
it is right to contend for God, for the being of God against atheists, for the perfections of God, his sovereignty, his omniscience, omnipresence against those that deny them, for his truths and doctrines, word, worship, and ordinances, against the corrupters of them; but then he and those are not to be contended for in a foolish and imprudent manner, or with a zeal, not according to knowledge, much less with an hypocritical one, as was Jehu's, ( 2 Kings 10:28-31 ) ; God needs no such advocates, he can plead his own cause, or make use of persons that can do it in a better manner, and to better purpose.

Job 13:8 In-Context

6 Hear now my argument, and listen to my defense.
7 Would you testify unjustly on God's behalf or speak deceitfully for Him?
8 Would you show partiality to Him or argue the case in His defense?
9 Would it go well if He examined you? Could you deceive Him as you would deceive a man?
10 Surely He would rebuke you if you secretly showed partiality.

Footnotes 1

  • [a]. Jb 13:10; 34:19; Dt 10:17
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