John 18:29

29 Then Pilate came out to them and said, "What charge do you bring against this man?"

John 18:29 Meaning and Commentary

John 18:29

Pilate then went out unto them
Either into the street, or rather into the place called the pavement, and in Hebrew Gabbatha; see ( John 19:13 ) the place where the Jewish sanhedrim used to sit; wherefore in complaisance to them, since they would not come into his court of judicature, he condescends to go into one of theirs, which showed great civility and humanity in him:

and said, what accusation bring ye against this man?
meaning, what offence had he committed? what crime had they to charge him with? what did they accuse him of? and what proof had they to support their charge? His view was, to have the matter stated, the cause opened, and evidence given; that the accused being face to face with the accusers, might answer for himself; and he, as a judge, be capable of judging between them: all which were very commendable in him, and agreeably to the Roman laws; and have an appearance of equity, justice, and impartiality.

John 18:29 In-Context

27 Peter then denied it again. Immediately a rooster crowed.
28 Then they took Jesus from Caiaphas to the governor's headquarters. It was early morning. They did not enter the headquarters themselves; otherwise they would be defiled and unable to eat the Passover.
29 Then Pilate came out to them and said, "What charge do you bring against this man?"
30 They answered him, "If this man weren't a criminal, we wouldn't have handed Him over to you."
31 So Pilate told them, "Take Him yourselves and judge Him according to your law." "It's not legal for us to put anyone to death," the Jews declared.
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