Lamentations 3:37


37 Who is there who speaks and it happens, unless the Lord has ordained [it]?

Lamentations 3:37 Meaning and Commentary

Lamentations 3:37

Who [is] he [that] saith, and it cometh to pass?
&c.] Or, "who [that] says [this shall be], and it cometh to pass?" or, "who [is] he [that] saith [this shall] come to pass?" F9 this, or that, or the other thing, he wills and desires, and his heart is set upon: [when] the Lord commandeth [it] not?
has not willed and decreed it, but determined the contrary; for nothing escapes his knowledge and foreknowledge; or can resist his will; or control his power; or frustrate his councils, and counterwork his designs; whatever schemes men form to get riches, obtain honour, do mischief to others, prolong life to themselves, and perpetuate their names to posterity, being contrary to the purpose of God, never succeed; whenever they do succeed in any of the above instances, it is because God has commanded, or he has determined, it should be so; as in the instances of Joseph's brethren, in their usage of him; and of the Jews, in the crucifixion of Christ, ( Proverbs 16:9 ) ( 19:21 ) . The Targum is,

``who is the man that saith, and evil is done in the world; but because they have done what was not commanded from the mouth of the Lord?''


F9 So some in Gataker.

Lamentations 3:37 In-Context

35 denying justice to a man in the presence of the Most High,
36 or suppressing a person's lawsuit- the Lord does not approve [of these things].
37 Who is there who speaks and it happens, unless the Lord has ordained [it]?
38 Do not both adversity and good come from the mouth of the Most High?
39 Why should [any] living person complain, [any] man, because of the punishment for his sins?
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