Aram [N] [H] [S]

the son of Shem ( Genesis 10:22 ); according to Genesis 22:21 , a grandson of Nahor. In Matthew 1:3 Matthew 1:4 , and Luke 3:33 , this word is the Greek form of Ram, the father of Amminadab ( 1 Chronicles 2:10 ).

The word means high, or highlands, and as the name of a country denotes that elevated region extending from the northeast of Palestine to the Euphrates. It corresponded generally with the Syria and Mesopotamia of the Greeks and Romans. In Genesis 25:20 ; Genesis 31:20 Genesis 31:24 ; Deuteronomy 26:5 , the word "Syrian" is properly "Aramean" (RSV, marg.). Damascus became at length the capital of the several smaller kingdoms comprehended under the designation "Aram" or "Syria."

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