Beam [N]

occurs in the Authorized Version as the rendering of various Hebrew words. In 1 Samuel 17:7 , it means a weaver's frame or principal beam; in Habakkuk 2:11 , a crossbeam or girder; 2 Kings 6:2 2 Kings 6:5 , a cross-piece or rafter of a house; 1 Kings 7:6 , an architectural ornament as a projecting step or moulding; Ezek. 41:25 , a thick plank. In the New Testament the word occurs only in Matthew 7:3 Matthew 7:4 Matthew 7:5 , and Luke 6:41 Luke 6:42 , where it means (Gr. dokos) a large piece of wood used for building purposes, as contrasted with "mote" (Gr. karphos), a small piece or mere splinter. "Mote" and "beam" became proverbial for little and great faults.

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