Caterpillar [N] [S]

the consumer. Used in the Old Testament ( 1 Kings 8:37 ; 2 Chr. 6:28 ; Psalms 78:46 ; Isaiah 33:4 ) as the translation of a word (hasil) the root of which means "to devour" or "consume," and which is used also with reference to the locust in Deuteronomy 28:38 . It may have been a species of locust, or the name of one of the transformations through which the locust passes, locust-grub. It is also found ( Psalms 105:34 ; Jeremiah 51:14 Jeremiah 51:27 ; RSV, "cankerworm") as the rendering of a different Hebrew word, yelek , a word elsewhere rendered "cankerworm" (q.v.), Joel 1:4 ; 2:25 . (See LOCUST .)

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