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There are five instances of a census of the Jewish people having been taken.

  • In the fourth month after the Exodus, when the people were encamped at Sinai. The number of men from twenty years old and upward was then 603,550 ( Exodus 38:26 ).
  • Another census was made just before the entrance into Canaan, when the number was found to be 601,730, showing thus a small decrease ( Numbers 26:51 ).
  • The next census was in the time of David, when the number, exclusive of the tribes of Levi and Benjamin, was found to be 1,300,000 ( 2 Samuel 24:9 ; 1 Chronicles 21:5 ).
  • Solomon made a census of the foreigners in the land, and found 153,600 able-bodied workmen ( 2 Chronicles 2:17 2 Chronicles 2:18 ).
  • After the return from Exile the whole congregation of Israel was numbered, and found to amount to 42,360 ( Ezra 2:64 ). A census was made by the Roman government in the time of our Lord ( Luke 2:1 ). (See TAXING .)

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