Chinnereth [N] [S]

lyre, the singular form of the word ( Deuteronomy 3:17 ; Joshua 19:35 ), which is also used in the plural form, Chinneroth, the name of a fenced city which stood near the shore of the lake of Galilee, a little to the south of Tiberias. The town seems to have given its name to a district, as appears from 1 Kings 15:20 , where the plural form of the word is used.

The Sea of Chinnereth ( Numbers 34:11 ; Joshua 13:27 ), or of Chinneroth ( Joshua 12: : 3 ), was the "lake of Gennesaret" or "sea of Tiberias" ( Deuteronomy 3:17 ; Joshua 11:2 ). Chinnereth was probably an ancient Canaanitish name adopted by the Israelites into their language.

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