Dromedary [N] [S]

( Isaiah 60:6 ), an African or Arabian species of camel having only one hump, while the Bactrian camel has two. It is distinguished from the camel only as a trained saddle-horse is distinguished from a cart-horse. It is remarkable for its speed ( Jeremiah 2:23 ). Camels are frequently spoken of in partriarchal times ( Genesis 12:16 ; 24:10 ; 30:43 ; 31:17 , etc.). They were used for carrying burdens ( Genesis 37:25 ; Judges 6:5 ), and for riding ( Genesis 24:64 ). The hair of the camel falls off of itself in spring, and is woven into coarse cloths and garments ( Matthew 3:4 ). (See CAMEL .)

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