Eliezer [N] [H]

God his help.

  • "Of Damascus," the "steward" (RSV, "possessor") of Abraham's house ( Genesis 15:2 Genesis 15:3 ). It was probably he who headed the embassy sent by Abraham to the old home of his family in Padan-aram to seek a wife for his son Isaac. The account of this embassy is given at length in Genesis 24 .

  • The son of Becher, and grandson of Benjamin ( 1 Chronicles 7:8 ).

  • One of the two sons of Moses, born during his sojourn in Midian ( Exodus 18:4 ; 1 Chronicles 23:15 1 Chronicles 23:17 ). He remained with his mother and brother Gershom with Jethro when Moses returned to Egypt. ( Exodus 18:4 ). They were restored to Moses when Jethro heard of his departure out of Egypt.

  • One of the priests who blew the trumpet before the ark when it was brought to Jerusalem ( 1 Chronicles 15:24 ).

  • Son of Zichri, and chief of the Reubenites under David ( 1 Chronicles 27:16 ).

  • A prophet in the time of Jehoshaphat ( 2 Chronicles 20:37 ). Others of this name are mentioned Luke 3:29 ; Ezra 8:16 ; Ezra 10:18 Ezra 10:23 Ezra 10:31 .

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