Ensign [N] [S]

  • Heb. 'oth, a military standard, especially of a single tribe ( Numbers 2:2 ). Each separate tribe had its own "sign" or "ensign."

  • Heb. nes, a lofty signal, as a column or high pole ( Numbers 21:8 Numbers 21:9 ); a standard or signal or flag placed on high mountains to point out to the people a place of rendezvous on the irruption of an enemy ( Isaiah 5:26 ; 11:12 ; 18:3 ; 62:10 ; Jeremiah 4:6 Jeremiah 4:21 ; Psalms 60:4 ). This was an occasional signal, and not a military standard. Elevation and conspicuity are implied in the word.

  • The Hebrew word degel denotes the standard given to each of the four divisions of the host of the Israelites at the Exodus ( Numbers 1:52 ; 2:2 ; 10:14 ). In Cant 2:4 it is rendered "banner." We have no definite information as to the nature of these military standards. (See BANNER .)

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