Gershom [N] [H] [S]


  • The eldest son of Levi ( 1 Chronicles 6:16 1 Chronicles 6:17 1 Chronicles 6:20 1 Chronicles 6:43 1 Chronicles 6:62 1 Chronicles 6:71 ; 15:7)=GERSHON (q.v.).

  • The elder of the two sons of Moses born to him in Midian ( Exodus 2:22 ; 18:3 ). On his way to Egypt with his family, in obedience to the command of the Lord, Moses was attacked by a sudden and dangerous illness ( 4:24-26 ), which Zipporah his wife believed to have been sent because he had neglected to circumcise his son. She accordingly took a "sharp stone" and circumcised her son Gershom, saying, "Surely a bloody husband art thou to me", i.e., by the blood of her child she had, as it were, purchased her husband, had won him back again.

  • A descendant of Phinehas who returned with Ezra from Babylon ( Ezra 8:2 ).

  • The son of Manasseh ( Judges 18:30 ), in RSV "of Moses."

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