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Gibeah [N] [H] [S]

a hill or hill-town, "of Benjamin" ( 1 Samuel 13:15 ), better known as "Gibeah of Saul" ( 11:4 ; Isaiah 10:29 ). It was here that the terrible outrage was committed on the Levite's concubine which led to the almost utter extirpation of the tribe of Benjamin (Judg. 19; 20), only six hundred men surviving after a succession of disastrous battles. This was the birthplace of Saul, and continued to be his residence after he became king ( 1 Samuel 10:26 ; 11:4 ; 15:34 ). It was reckoned among the ancient sanctuaries of Palestine ( 10:26 ; 15:34 ; 23:19 ; 26:1 ; 2 Sam. 21:6-10 ), and hence it is called "Gibeah of God" ( 1 Samuel 10:5 , RSV marg.). It has been identified with the modern Tell el-Ful (i.e., "hill of the bean"), about 3 miles north of Jerusalem.

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