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Gin [N] [S]

a trap.

  • Psalms 140:5 Psalms 141:9 , Amos 3:5 , the Hebrew word used, mokesh , means a noose or "snare," as it is elsewhere rendered ( Psalms 18:5 ; Proverbs 13:14 , etc.).

  • Job 18:9 , Isaiah 8:14 , Heb. pah, a plate or thin layer; and hence a net, a snare, trap, especially of a fowler ( Psalms 69: : 22 , "Let their table before them become a net;" Amos 3:5 , "Doth a bird fall into a net [pah] upon the ground where there is no trap-stick [mokesh] for her? doth the net [pah] spring up from the ground and take nothing at all?", Gesenius.)

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    published by Thomas Nelson, 1897. Public Domain, copy freely.

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