Hammer [N]

  • Heb. pattish, used by gold-beaters ( Isaiah 41:7 ) and by quarry-men ( Jeremiah 23:29 ). Metaphorically of Babylon ( Jeremiah 50:23 ) or Nebuchadnezzar.

  • Heb. makabah, a stone-cutter's mallet ( 1 Kings 6:7 ), or of any workman ( Judges 4:21 ; Isaiah 44:12 ).

  • Heb. halmuth, a poetical word for a workman's hammer, found only in Judges 5:26 , where it denotes the mallet with which the pins of the tent of the nomad are driven into the ground.

  • Heb. mappets, rendered "battle-axe" in Jeremiah 51:20 . This was properly a "mace," which is thus described by Rawlinson: "The Assyrian mace was a short, thin weapon, and must either have been made of a very tough wood or (and this is more probable) of metal. It had an ornamented head, which was sometimes very beautifully modelled, and generally a strap or string at the lower end by which it could be grasped with greater firmness."

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