• Heb. 'asar, "to bind;" hence the act of fastening animals to a cart ( 1 Samuel 6:7 1 Samuel 6:10 ; Jeremiah 46:4 , etc.).

  • An Old English word for "armour;" Heb. neshek ( 2 Chronicles 9:24 ).

  • Heb. shiryan, a coat of mail ( 1 Kings 22:34 ; 2 Chr. 18:33 ; rendered "breastplate" in Isaiah 59:17 ).

  • The children of Israel passed out of Egypt "harnessed" ( Exodus 13:18 ), i.e., in an orderly manner, and as if to meet a foe. The word so rendered is probably a derivative from Hebrew hamesh (i.e., "five"), and may denote that they went up in five divisions, viz., the van, centre, two wings, and rear-guard.

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