Jaazer [N]

he (God) helps, a city of the Amorites on the east of Jordan, and assigned, with neighbouring places in Gilead, to Gad ( Numbers 32:1 Numbers 32:35 ; Joshua 13:25 ). It was allotted to the Merarite Levites ( 21:39 ). In David's time it was occupied by the Hebronites, i.e., the descendants of Kohath ( 1 Chronicles 26:31 ). It is mentioned in the "burdens" proclaimed over Moab ( Isaiah 16:8 Isaiah 16:9 ; Jeremiah 48:32 ). Its site is marked by the modern ruin called Sar or Seir, about 10 miles west of Amman, and 12 from Heshbon. "The vineyards that once covered the hill-sides are gone; and the wild Bedawin from the eastern desert make cultivation of any kind impossible."

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