Jehonadab [N] [H] [S]

Jehovah is liberal; or, whom Jehovah impels.

  • A son of Shimeah, and nephew of David. It was he who gave the fatal wicked advice to Amnon, the heir to the throne ( 2 Samuel 13:3-6 ). He was very "subtil," but unprincipled.

  • A son of Rechab, the founder of a tribe who bound themselves by a vow to abstain from wine ( Jeremiah 35:6-19 ). There were different settlements of Rechabites ( Judges 1:16 ; 4:11 ; 1 Chronicles 2:55 ). (See RECHABITE .) His interview and alliance with Jehu are mentioned in 2 Kings 10:15-23 . He went with Jehu in his chariot to Samaria.

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