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in use among the Hebrews for fishing, hunting, and fowling. The fishing-net was probably constructed after the form of that used by the Egyptians ( Isaiah 19:8 ). There were three kinds of nets.

  • The drag-net or hauling-net (Gr. sagene), of great size, and requiring many men to work it. It was usually let down from the fishing-boat, and then drawn to the shore or into the boat, as circumstances might require ( Matthew 13:47 Matthew 13:48 ).
  • The hand-net or casting-net (Gr. amphiblestron), which was thrown from a rock or a boat at any fish that might be seen ( Matthew 4:18 ; Mark 1:16 ). It was called by the Latins funda. It was of circular form, "like the top of a tent."
  • The bag-net (Gr. diktyon), used for enclosing fish in deep water ( Luke 5:4-9 ).

    The fowling-nets were (1) the trap, consisting of a net spread over a frame, and supported by a stick in such a way that it fell with the slightest touch ( Amos 3:5 , "gin;" Psalms 69:22 ; Job 18:9 ; Eccl 9:12 ). (2) The snare, consisting of a cord to catch birds by the leg ( Job 18:10 ; Psalms 18:5 ; 116:3 ; 140:5 ).

  • The decoy, a cage filled with birds as decoys ( Jeremiah 5:26 Jeremiah 5:27 ). Hunting-nets were much in use among the Hebrews.

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