River of Egypt

River of Egypt [S]

  • Heb. nahar mitsraim, denotes in Genesis 15:18 the Nile, or its eastern branch ( 2 Chronicles 9:26 ).
  • In Numbers 34:5 (RSV, "brook of Egypt") the Hebrew word is nahal , denoting a stream flowing rapidly in winter, or in the rainy season. This is a desert stream on the borders of Egypt. It is now called the Wady el-'Arish. The present boundary between Egypt and Palestine is about midway between this wady and Gaza. (See Numbers 34:5 ; Joshua 15:4 Joshua 15:47 ; 1 Kings 8:65 ; 2 Kings 24:7 ; Isaiah 27:12 ; Ezekiel 47:19 . In all these passages the RSV has "brook" and the A.V. "river.")

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