• Heb. tokhen, "a task," as weighed and measured out = tally, i.e., the number told off; the full number ( Exodus 5:18 ; see 1 Samuel 18:27 ; 1 Chronicles 9:28 ). In Ezekiel 45:11 rendered "measure."

  • Heb. hegeh, "a thought;" "meditation" ( Psalms 90:9 ); meaning properly "as a whisper of sadness," which is soon over, or "as a thought." The LXX. and Vulgate render it "spider;" the Authorized Version and Revised Version, "as a tale" that is told. In Job 37:2 this word is rendered "sound;" Revised Version margin, "muttering;" and in Ezekiel 2:10 , "mourning."

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