Tatnai [N] [H] [S]

gift, a Persian governor (Heb. pehah, i.e., "satrap;" modern "pasha") "on this side the river", i.e., of the whole tract on the west of the Euphrates. This Hebrew title pehah is given to governors of provinces generally. It is given to ( Nehemiah 5:14 ) and to Zerubbabel ( Haggai 1:1 ). It is sometimes translated "captain" ( 1 Kings 20:24 ; Daniel 3:2 Daniel 3:3 ), sometimes also "deputy" ( Esther 8:9 ; 9:3 ). With others, Tatnai opposed the rebuilding of the temple ( Ezra 5:6 ); but at the command of Darius, he assisted the Jews ( 6:1-13 ).

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