Thunder [N] [S]

often referred to in Scripture ( Job 40:9 ; Psalms 77:18 ; 104:7 ). James and John were called by our Lord "sons of thunder" ( Mark 3:17 ). In Job 39:19 , instead of "thunder," as in the Authorized Version, the Revised Version translates (ra'amah) by "quivering main" (marg., "shaking"). Thunder accompanied the giving of the law at Sinai ( Exodus 19:16 ). It was regarded as the voice of God ( Job 37:2 ; Psalms 18:13 ; 81:7 ; Compare John 12:29 ). In answer to Samuel's prayer ( 1 Samuel 12:17 1 Samuel 12:18 ), God sent thunder, and "all the people greatly feared," for at such a season (the wheat-harvest) thunder and rain were almost unknown in Palestine.

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