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Jeremiah. [N] [E] [H]

Seven other persons bearing the same name as the prophet are mentioned in the Old Testament:--

  1. Jeremiah of Libnah, father of Hamutal wife of Josiah. ( 2 Kings 23:31 ) (B.C. before 632.) 2,3,4. Three warriors --two of the tribe of Gad-- in Davids army. ( 1 Chronicles 12:4 1 Chronicles 12:10 1 Chronicles 12:13 ) (B.C. 1061-53.)
  2. One of the "mighty men of valor" of the transjordanic half-tribe of Manasseh. ( 1 Chronicles 5:24 ) (B.C. 782.)
  3. A priest of high rank, head of the second or third of the twenty-one courses which are apparently enumerated in ( Nehemiah 10:2-8 ; Nehemiah 12:1 Nehemiah 12:12 ) (B.C. 446-410).
  4. The father of Jazaniah the Rechabite. ( Jeremiah 35:3 ) (B.C. before 606.)

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