Jeremiah, Book of

Jeremiah, Book of. [E]

"There can be little doubt that the book of Jeremiah grew out of the roll which Baruch wrote down at the prophets mouth in the fourth year of Jehoiakim. ch. ( Jeremiah 36:2 ) Apparently the prophets kept written records of their predictions, and collected into larger volumes such of them as were intended for permanent use." --Canon Cook. In the present order we have two great divisions:-- I. Chs. 1-45. Prophecies delivered at various times, directed mainly to Judah, or connected with Jeremiahs personal history. II. Chs. 46-51. Prophecies connected with other nations. Looking more closely into each of these divisions, we have the following sections:

  1. Chs. 1-21, including prophecies from the thirteenth year of Josiah to the fourth of Jehoiakim; ch. 21; belongs to the later period.
  2. Chs. 22-25. Shorter prophecies, delivered at different times, against the kings of Judah and the false prophets. Ch. ( Jeremiah 25:13 Jeremiah 25:14 ) evidently marks the conclusion of a series of prophecies; and that which follows, ch. ( Jeremiah 25:15-38 ) the germ of the fuller predictions in chs. 46-49, has been placed here as a kind of completion to the prophecy of the seventy years and the subsequent fall of Babylon.
  3. Chs. 26-28. The two great prophecies of the fall of Jerusalem, and the history connected with them.
  4. Chs. 29-31. The message of comfort for the exiles in Babylon.
  5. Chs. 32-44. The history of the last two years before the capture of Jerusalem, and of Jeremiahs work int hem and in the period that followed.
  6. Chs. 46-51. The prophecies against foreign nations, ending with the great prediction against Babylon.
  7. The supplementary narrative of ch. 52.
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