Salem [N] [E] [H]

(peace ).

  1. The place of which Melchizedek was king. ( Genesis 14:18 ; Hebrews 7:1 Hebrews 7:2 ) No satisfactory identification of it is perhaps possible. Two main opinions have been current from the earliest ages of interpretation: (1). That of the Jewish commentators, who affirm that Salem is Jerusalem, on the ground that Jerusalem is so called in ( Psalms 76:2 ) Nearly all Jewish commentators hold this opinion. (2). Jerome, however, states that the Salem of Melchizedek was not Jerusalem, but a town eight Roman miles south of Scythopolis, and gives its then name as Salumias, and identifies it with Salem, where John baptized.
  2. ( Psalms 76:2 ) it is agreed on all hands that Salem is here employed for Jerusalem.

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