Bonnet [N]

(Heb. peer), Exodus 39:28 (RSV, "head-tires"); Ezekiel 44:18 (RSV, "tires"), denotes properly a turban worn by priests, and in Isaiah 3:20 (RSV, "head-tires") a head-dress or tiara worn by females. The Hebrew word so rendered literally means an ornament, as in Isaiah 61:10 (RSV, "garland"), and in Eze 24:17,23"tire" (RSV, "head-tire"). It consisted of a piece of cloth twisted about the head. In Exodus 28:40 ; 29:9 it is the translation of a different Hebrew word (migba'ah), which denotes the turban (RSV, "head-tire") of the common priest as distinguished from the mitre of the high priest. (See MITRE .)

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