Eliezer [N] [H]

God his help.

  • "Of Damascus," the "steward" (RSV, "possessor") of Abraham's house ( Genesis 15:2 Genesis 15:3 ). It was probably he who headed the embassy sent by Abraham to the old home of his family in Padan-aram to seek a wife for his son Isaac. The account of this embassy is given at length in Genesis 24 .

  • The son of Becher, and grandson of Benjamin ( 1 Chronicles 7:8 ).

  • One of the two sons of Moses, born during his sojourn in Midian ( Exodus 18:4 ; 1 Chronicles 23:15 1 Chronicles 23:17 ). He remained with his mother and brother Gershom with Jethro when Moses returned to Egypt. ( Exodus 18:4 ). They were restored to Moses when Jethro heard of his departure out of Egypt.

  • One of the priests who blew the trumpet before the ark when it was brought to Jerusalem ( 1 Chronicles 15:24 ).

  • Son of Zichri, and chief of the Reubenites under David ( 1 Chronicles 27:16 ).

  • A prophet in the time of Jehoshaphat ( 2 Chronicles 20:37 ). Others of this name are mentioned Luke 3:29 ; Ezra 8:16 ; Ezra 10:18 Ezra 10:23 Ezra 10:31 .

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    el-i-e'-zer, e-li-e'-zer ('eli`ezer; Eliezer, "God is help"):

    (1) The chief servant of Abram (Genesis 15:2); the American Standard Revised Version "Eliezer of Damascus," the English Revised Version "Dammesek Eliezer." The Hebrew is peculiar:

    literally, "And the son of the possession (mesheq) of my house is Dammeseq (of) Eliezer." A possible but unlikely meaning is that his property would become the possession of Damascus, the city of Eliezer. Targum Syriac (Revised Version margin) read "Eliezer the Damascene": this supposes a reading, "Eliezer ha- dammasqi" or "mid-dammeseq." The text may be corrupt: the assonance between mesheq and Dammeseq is suspicious. Abram calls Eliezer "one born in my house" i.e. a dependant, a member of his household, and so regards him as his heir, Lot having gone from him (Genesis 13). Eliezer is probably the servant, "the eider of his house, that ruled over all that he had," of Genesis 24.

    (2) The 2nd son of Moses and Zipporah, called thus for "the God of my father was my help, and delivered me from the sword of Pharaoh" (Exodus 18:4; 1 Chronicles 23:15).

    (3) A son of Becher, one of the sons of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 7:8).

    (4) A priest who assisted in bringing up the ark from the house of Obed-edom to Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 15:24).

    (5) The son of Zichri, ruler over the Reubenites in the time of David (1 Chronicles 27:16).

    (6) The son of Dodavahu of Mareshah who prophesied the destruction of the ships which Jehochaphat, king of Judah, built, because he had done so in cooperation with Ahaziah, king of Israel (2 Chronicles 20:35).

    (7) One of the messengers whom Ezra sent to Iddo, the chief at Casiphia, with the request for ministers for the Temple (Ezra 8:16).

    (8, 9, 10) A priest, a Levite, and one of the sons of Harim who had married non-Israelitish women (Ezra 10:18,23,11).

    (11) An ancestor of Jesus in the genealogy given by Luke (Luke 3:29).

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