Uzza [N] [S]

strengh, a garden in which Manasseh and Amon were buried ( 2 Kings 21:18 2 Kings 21:26 ). It was probably near the king's palace in Jerusalem, or may have formed part of the palace grounds. Manasseh may probably have acquired it from some one of this name.

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Uzza [N] [E]

(strength ).

  1. A Benjamite of the sons of Ehud. ( 1 Chronicles 8:7 ) (B.C. 1445.)
  2. Elsewhere called UZZAH. ( 1 Chronicles 13:7 1 Chronicles 13:9 1 Chronicles 13:10 1 Chronicles 13:11 ) [UZZAH]
  3. The children of Uzza were a family of Nethinim who returned with Zerubbabel. ( Ezra 2:49 ; Nehemiah 7:51 ) (B.C. before 536.)
  4. Properly Uzzah. As the text now stands, Uzzah is a descendant of Merari, ( 1 Chronicles 6:29 ) (14); but there appears to be a gap in the verse. Perhaps he is the same as Zina or Zizah the son of Shimei. ( 1 Chronicles 23:10 1 Chronicles 23:11 ) for these names evidently denote the same person, and, in Hebrew character, are not unlike Uzzah.

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'Uzza'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary". . 1901.

Uzza, or Uzzah

(strength ), one of the sons of Abinadab, in whose house at Kirjath-jearim the ark rested for twenty years. Uzzah probably was the second and Ahio the third. They both accompanied its removal when David first undertook to carry it to Jerusalem. (B.C. 1043.) Ahio apparently went before the new cart, ( 1 Chronicles 13:7 ) on which it was placed, and Uzzah walked by the side. "At the threshing-floor of Nachon" ( 2 Samuel 6:6 ) or Chidon ( 1 Chronicles 13:9 ) perhaps slipping over the smooth rock oxen stumbled. Uzzah caught the ark to prevent its falling. The profanation was punished by his instant death to the great grief of David, who named the place Perez-uzzah (the breaking-forth on Uzzah ). But Uzzahs fate was not merely the penalty of his own rashness. The improper mode of transporting the ark, which ought to have been borne on the shoulders of the Levites was the primary cause of his unholy deed; and David distinctly recognized it as a punishment on the people in general "because we sought him not after the due order."

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Smith, William, Dr. "Entry for 'Uzza, or Uzzah'". "Smith's Bible Dictionary". . 1901.