1 Chronicles 2:20

20 Hur fathered Uri, and Uri fathered 1Bezalel.

1 Chronicles 2:20 Meaning and Commentary

1 Chronicles 2:20

And Hur begat Uri, and Uri begat Bezaleel.
] Who yet is not thought to be the same Bezaleel we read of in ( Exodus 31:2 ) though the fathers and grandfathers of both have the same names, and were of the same tribe.

1 Chronicles 2:20 In-Context

18 Caleb the son of Hezron fathered children by his wife Azubah, and by Jerioth; and these were her sons: Jesher, Shobab, and Ardon.
19 When Azubah died, Caleb married Ephrath, who bore him Hur.
20 Hur fathered Uri, and Uri fathered Bezalel.
21 Afterward Hezron went in to the daughter of Machir the father of Gilead, whom he married when he was sixty years old, and she bore him Segub.
22 And Segub fathered Jair, who had twenty-three cities in the land of Gilead.

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