2 Samuel 14:1

Absalom Returns to Jerusalem

1 Now Joab the son of Zeruiah knew 1that the king's heart went out to Absalom.

2 Samuel 14:1 Meaning and Commentary

2 Samuel 14:1

Now Joab the son of Zeruiah
The general of David's army:

perceived that the king's heart [was] towards Absalom;
and longed to have him returned, though he knew not how to bring it about with credit to himself, his crime being so foul, and worthy of death. This Joab perceived by some words he now and then dropped, and by his conduct, not seeking by any ways and means to bring him to justice, and being now reconciled to the death of Amnon; wherefore Joab devised a way to make known to him his own mind, and the sense of the people, which would serve to encourage him to restore him; and the rather Joab was inclined to take such a step, as he knew it would establish him in the king's favour, and ingratiate him into the affection of Absalom, the next heir to the crown, as well as please the people, whose darling he was. Though Abarbinel is of opinion that Joab proceeded upon another view of things, not because he saw the heart and affection of David were towards Absalom, but the reverse; that though David restrained himself and his servants from going out after Absalom, yet Joab knew that the heart of the king was against him, and that his heart was to take vengeance on him, though he did not go out to seek him; he perceived there was still enmity and hatred in his heart to take vengeance on Absalom, and therefore he took the following method to remove it, and reconcile his mind to him; and so the Targum,

``and Joab the son of Zeruiah knew that the heart of the king was to go, out against Absalom;''

and it may be observed, that when Joab had so far prevailed upon him as to admit him to bring him back to Jerusalem, he would not suffer him to see his face, nor did he for two years after.

2 Samuel 14:1 In-Context

1 Now Joab the son of Zeruiah knew that the king's heart went out to Absalom.
2 And Joab sent to Tekoa and brought from there a wise woman and said to her, "Pretend to be a mourner and put on mourning garments. Do not anoint yourself with oil, but behave like a woman who has been mourning many days for the dead.
3 Go to the king and speak thus to him." So Joab put the words in her mouth.
4 When the woman of Tekoa came to the king, she fell on her face to the ground and paid homage and said, "Save me, O king."
5 And the king said to her, "What is your trouble?" She answered, "Alas, I am a widow; my husband is dead.

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