Hosea 2:11

11 1And I will put an end to all her mirth, her feasts, her 2new moons, her 3Sabbaths, and all her 4appointed feasts.

Hosea 2:11 Meaning and Commentary

Hosea 2:11

I will also cause all her mirth to cease
As it must in course, this being her case, as before described, whether considered in individuals, or as a body politic, or in their church state, as follows: her feast days;
which the Jews understand of the three feasts of tabernacles, passover, and pentecost; typical of Christ's tabernacling in human nature; of his being the passover sacrificed for us; and of the firstfruits of the Spirit; which being come, the shadows are gone and vanished, and these feasts are no more: her new moons, and her sabbaths; the first day of every month, and the seventh day of every week, observed for religious exercises; typical of the light the church receives from Christ, and the rest it has in him; and he, the body and substance of them, being come, these are no more, ( Colossians 2:16 Colossians 2:17 ) : and all her solemn feasts;
all others, whether of God's appointment or their own; all are made to cease of right, if not in fact; the law of commandments, contained in ordinances, being abolished by Christ, and the Jews without a priest, sacrifice, and ephod, ( Ephesians 2:14-16 ) ( Hosea 3:4 ) .

Hosea 2:11 In-Context

9 Therefore I will take back my grain in its time, and my wine in its season, and I will take away my wool and my flax, which were to cover her nakedness.
10 Now I will uncover her lewdness in the sight of her lovers, and no one shall rescue her out of my hand.
11 And I will put an end to all her mirth, her feasts, her new moons, her Sabbaths, and all her appointed feasts.
12 And I will lay waste her vines and her fig trees, of which she said, 'These are my wages, which my lovers have given me.' I will make them a forest, and the beasts of the field shall devour them.
13 And I will punish her for the feast days of the Baals when she burned offerings to them and adorned herself with her ring and jewelry, and went after her lovers and forgot me, declares the LORD.

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