Joshua 12:9

9 1the king of Jericho, one; 2the king of Ai, which is beside Bethel, one;

Joshua 12:9 Meaning and Commentary

Joshua 12:9

The king of Jericho, one
Who was first taken, and so named first, ( Joshua 6:21 ) ;

the king of Ai, which [is] beside Bethel, one;
who was next taken and though Bethel was so near Ai, it had a king of its own, after mentioned, see ( Joshua 7:1-8:29 ) .

Joshua 12:9 In-Context

7 And these are the kings of the land whom Joshua and the people of Israel defeated on the west side of the Jordan, from Baal-gad in the Valley of Lebanon to Mount Halak, that rises toward Seir (and Joshua gave their land to the tribes of Israel as a possession according to their allotments,
8 in the hill country, in the lowland, in the Arabah, in the slopes, in the wilderness, and in the Negeb, the land of the Hittites, the Amorites, the Canaanites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites):
9 the king of Jericho, one; the king of Ai, which is beside Bethel, one;
10 the king of Jerusalem, one; the king of Hebron, one;
11 the king of Jarmuth, one; the king of Lachish, one;

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