Luke 9:43

43 And all were astonished at 1the majesty of God. 2But while they were all marveling at everything he was doing, Jesus[a] said 3to his disciples,

Luke 9:43 Meaning and Commentary

Luke 9:43

And they were all amazed at the mighty power of God
Or at "the greatness", or "majesty of God"; which was displayed in this cure: for the great power of God was manifestly seen in it, to the astonishment of the disciples, who could not cure this child, and of the parent and friends of it, and of the whole multitude: and to the confusion of the Scribes and Pharisees:

but while they wondered every one, at all things which Jesus did;
and were applauding him for them, and speaking in his praise on account of them:

he said unto his disciples;
privately, when they were alone together, the following words, that he might not seem to be lifted up with the praise of men; and also to show their inconstancy, that those who, now admired him, would one day crucify him; and to take off the thoughts of the disciples from a temporal kingdom and glory, they were so much in expectation of, and which every miracle of Christ, and the applause he got thereby among men, strengthened them in.

Luke 9:43 In-Context

41 Jesus answered, "O faithless and twisted generation, how long am I to be with you and bear with you? Bring your son here."
42 While he was coming, the demon threw him to the ground and convulsed him. But Jesus rebuked the unclean spirit and healed the boy, and gave him back to his father.
43 And all were astonished at the majesty of God. But while they were all marveling at everything he was doing, Jesus said to his disciples,
44 "Let these words sink into your ears: The Son of Man is about to be delivered into the hands of men."
45 But they did not understand this saying, and it was concealed from them, so that they might not perceive it. And they were afraid to ask him about this saying.

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