Proverbs 12:18

18 1There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings 2healing.

Proverbs 12:18 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 12:18

There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword
Whose words are like sharp swords, cutting, wounding, dividing, killing; see ( Psalms 57:4 ) ( 59:7 ) ( 64:3 ) ; such are the words of false witnesses, who by their false testimonies and perjuries are as guilty of the murder of men as cutthroats; such are the words of slanderers, backbiters, and talebearers, who grieve the innocent, wound their characters, destroy their good name and credit, and separate chief friends; and such are the words of antichrist, who looks like a lamb, but speaks like a dragon, ( Revelation 13:11 ) ; but the tongue of the wise [is] health;
or "healing" F5; by giving a faithful testimony which sets matters right; by clearing and defending the character of those who are falsely accused and wrongfully charged; by making up differences, and reconciling persons at variance through the detracting and lying insinuations of others; and by speaking comfortable, cheerful, and refreshing words to the injured and abused; especially the tongue of a wise minister of the Gospel is health, or healing, to wounded souls, to whom he ministers the Gospel of the grace of God, which directs to Christ for healing, peace, pardon, righteousness, and eternal life.


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Proverbs 12:18 In-Context

16 The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.
17 Whoever speaks the truth gives honest evidence, but a false witness utters deceit.
18 There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.
19 Truthful lips endure forever, but a lying tongue is but for a moment.
20 Deceit is in the heart of those who devise evil, but those who plan peace have joy.

Cross References 2

  • 1. See Psalms 57:4
  • 2. See Proverbs 4:22
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