Proverbs 19:28

28 A worthless witness mocks at justice, and the mouth of the wicked 1devours iniquity.

Proverbs 19:28 Meaning and Commentary

Proverbs 19:28

An ungodly witness scorneth judgment
Or, "a witness of Belial" F26. A false witness is not awed by the place of judgment where he is; nor by the judge before whom he is; nor by the law, the rule of judgment, nor by the punishment of perjury; he scorns all these, and scoffs at them, and proceeds in bearing a false testimony: or he covers that which is right and just, and eludes judgment by specious and sophistic arguments and pretences. Or this may be understood of a false teacher, that scorns the rule of judgment, or colours over things, to make them plausible, and seem to be agreeable to it; and the mouth of the wicked devoureth iniquity;
greedily, and with pleasure commits it; as a hungry man takes in his food; or a thirsty man drinks down water: and in like manner are false doctrines imbibed by men of perverse minds.


F26 (leylb de) "testis Belijahal", Montanus, Tigurine version, Baynus.

Proverbs 19:28 In-Context

26 He who does violence to his father and chases away his mother is a son who brings shame and reproach.
27 Cease to hear instruction, my son, and you will stray from the words of knowledge.
28 A worthless witness mocks at justice, and the mouth of the wicked devours iniquity.
29 Condemnation is ready for scoffers, and beating for the backs of fools.

Cross References 1

  • 1. Job 15:16; [Proverbs 18:8; Job 34:7]
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