Psalms 6:3

3 My 1soul also is greatly troubled. But you, O LORD--2how long?

Psalms 6:3 Meaning and Commentary

Psalms 6:3

My soul is also sore vexed
Or "exceedingly troubled" {c}, and even frightened and thrown into a consternation with indwelling sin, and on account of actual transgressions, and by reason of the hidings of God's face, and through the temptations of Satan, and because of the fear of death; to which Old Testament saints were very incident.

But thou, O Lord, how long?
it is an abrupt expression, the whole he designed is not spoken, being hindered through the grief and sorrow with which his heart was overwhelmed; and is to be supplied after this manner,

``shall I have refreshment?''

as the Chaldee paraphrase; or,

``wilt thou look and not heal me?''

as Jarchi; or

``my soul be troubled?''

as Aben Ezra; or

``shall I be afflicted, and thou wilt not heal me?''

as Kimchi; or

``wilt thou afflict me, and not arise to my help?''

see ( Psalms 13:1 Psalms 13:2 ) .


F3 (dam hlhbn) "turbata est valde", V. L. "conturbata", Junius & Tremellius, Piscator; "territa valde": Pagninus, Montanus; "consternata valde", Cocceius.

Psalms 6:3 In-Context

1 O LORD, rebuke me not in your anger, nor discipline me in your wrath.
2 Be gracious to me, O LORD, for I am languishing; heal me, O LORD, for my bones are troubled.
3 My soul also is greatly troubled. But you, O LORD--how long?
4 Turn, O LORD, deliver my life; save me for the sake of your steadfast love.
5 For in death there is no remembrance of you; in Sheol who will give you praise?

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