Genesis 38:10

10 What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so the LORD put him to death also.

Genesis 38:10 in Other Translations

10 And the thing which he did displeased the LORD: wherefore he slew him also.
10 And what he did was wicked in the sight of the LORD, and he put him to death also.
10 But the LORD considered it evil for Onan to deny a child to his dead brother. So the LORD took Onan’s life, too.
10 God was much offended by what he did and also took his life.
10 What he did was evil in the Lord's sight, so He put him to death also.

Genesis 38:10 Meaning and Commentary

Genesis 38:10

And the thing which he did displeased the Lord
Being done out of envy to his brother, and through want of affection to the memory of his name; and it may be out of covetousness to get his estate into his own hands, and especially as it frustrated the end of such an usage of marrying a brother's wife; which appears to be according to the will of God, since it afterwards became a known law of his; and it was the more displeasing, as it was not only a check upon the multiplication of Abraham's seed as promised, but since the Messiah was to come from Judah. This was doing all to hinder it that lay in his power: wherefore he slew him also;
in like manner as he had slain his brother, ( Genesis 38:7 ) .

Genesis 38:10 In-Context

8 Then Judah said to Onan, “Sleep with your brother’s wife and fulfill your duty to her as a brother-in-law to raise up offspring for your brother.”
9 But Onan knew that the child would not be his; so whenever he slept with his brother’s wife, he spilled his semen on the ground to keep from providing offspring for his brother.
10 What he did was wicked in the LORD’s sight; so the LORD put him to death also.
11 Judah then said to his daughter-in-law Tamar, “Live as a widow in your father’s household until my son Shelah grows up.” For he thought, “He may die too, just like his brothers.” So Tamar went to live in her father’s household.
12 After a long time Judah’s wife, the daughter of Shua, died. When Judah had recovered from his grief, he went up to Timnah, to the men who were shearing his sheep, and his friend Hirah the Adullamite went with him.

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