2 Maccabees 15:27-37

27 So by fighting with their hands and praying to God in their hearts, the Jews killed more than 35,000 of the enemy. How grateful they were for the help they had received from God!
28 When the battle was over and they were going home celebrating their victory, they noticed Nicanor in full armor lying dead on the battlefield.
29 Then with loud shouts they praised the Lord in their native language.
30 Judas Maccabeus, who had always fought with all his body and soul for his own people, never losing the patriotism of his youth, ordered his men to cut off Nicanor's head and right arm and to take them to Jerusalem.
31 When they arrived in the city, he called together all the people, stationed the priests before the altar, and sent for the men in the fort.
32 He showed them the head of the evil Nicanor and the arm which that wicked man had arrogantly stretched out against the sacred Temple of the Almighty God.
33 Then he cut out the tongue of that godless man, promising to feed it bit by bit to the birds and to hang up his head opposite the Temple, as evidence of what his foolishness did for him.
34 Everyone there looked up to heaven and praised the Lord, who had revealed his power and had kept his Temple from being defiled.
35 Judas hung Nicanor's head from the wall of the fort, as a clear proof to everyone of the Lord's help.
36 By unanimous vote it was decided that this day would never be forgotten, but would be celebrated each year on the eve of Mordecai's Day, which is the thirteenth day of the twelfth month, called Adar in Aramaic. 1
37 That is how things turned out for Nicanor. The city of Jerusalem remained in the possession of the Jewish people from that time on, so I will end my story here.