Jeremiah 48:1-8

1 This is what the Lord Almighty said about Moab: 1 "Pity the people of Nebo - their town is destroyed! Kiriathaim is captured, its mighty fortress torn down, and its people put to shame;
2 the splendor of Moab is gone. The enemy have captured Heshbon and plot to destroy the nation of Moab. The town of Madmen will be silenced; armies will march against it.
3 The people of Horonaim cry out, "Violence! Destruction!'
4 "Moab has been destroyed; listen to the children crying.
5 Hear the sound of their sobs along the road up to Luhith, the cries of distress on the way down to Horonaim.
6 "Quick, run for your lives!' they say. "Run like a wild desert donkey!'
7 "Moab, you trusted in your strength and your wealth, but now even you will be conquered; your god Chemosh will go into exile, along with his princes and priests.
8 Not a town will escape the destruction; both valley and plain will be ruined. I, the Lord, have spoken.